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Recent Works. Between classic and Persian, Luca Pignatelli in London

Luca Pignatelli

Luca Pignatelli

Luca Pignatelli, one of the most interesting and established Italian artists of his generation, is presenting his first solo show in London at Senesi Contemporanea. On view is a series of recent works, one of them being Persepolis, an artwork with mixed media on top of an antique Persian rug. One edition was recently shown at Tefaf in Maastricht and is currently on view at the museum MAXXI in Rome.

Luca Pignatelli

Luca Pignatelli

Far from the intention of provocation his recent works follow the course of the aesthetic and lyrical, which the artist from Milan has formulated as a result of his constant confrontation between the contemporary and the antique. This is primarily the result of the medium the artist uses in his practice and that is highlighted in this particular exhibition- rugs, textiles, iron integrated within the artworks.

Luca Pignatelli

Luca Pignatelli

Working with western iconography from greek mythology to Iranian culture, he has successfully established himself as a contemporary artist without negating the various experiences in art history from the point of view of the technique as well as the subject. His view is that of a poetry which at time is lyrical and analytical, the works aesthetically pleasing, as we recognise the displayed and simultaneously are confused by its variation they dominate; originating from the abstract and material base, to combine and relate the material, Pignatelli generates new and original imagery that strengthens our unconsciousness.

Luca Pignatelli/Recent Works” an exhibition by Luca Pignatelli

Exhibition: 4 October – 5 December 2018
Senesi Contemporanea
25 Dover Street W1S 4LX – Mayfair- London

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