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11 [HellHeaven] Art Gallery

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    11 [HellHeaven] Art Gallery è una galleria di arti visive e performative con una spiccata propensione per i linguaggi più sperimentali della contemporaneità.
    Arte informale e concettuale, installazioni, performance art e video art sono il cuore dei progetti permanenti di 11 [HellHeaven] Art Gallery. Produciamo eventi e mostre in autonomia o in sinergia con i nostri partners, e trattiamo le opere dei nostri artisti nello specifico segmento di mercato avantgarde.


    La  sede legale e la sede espositiva sono a Roma, Italia.


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    • Marco Guglielmi Reimmortal, \"ComPUSter\"

      21 Picture(s)

      Allestimento di sei opere informali di grandi dimensioni. Assemblato/ready made + taxidermy + videoart

    • Karel Stoop

      17 Picture(s)

      “When I paint, having obtained the right attitude and inspiration on the right moment, the act of painting converts in a state of being”. As my thoughts are mostly multi-thoughts and as my feelings are multi-feelings, I allow my visions being changeable and flexible. So as well is my artistic work. My inspirations are the very present in all its aspects. The interaction with the materials. The pigments, oil, the smells, the feelings, the steps of time, the thoughts, the fears, joy and love. The location is the universe, the studio, the table , the wall  , whatever.. Obviously in an inconscient way, my work has been inspired as well by the old masters of the last centuries, by renowned artists I could meet in person.  By the plenty of emerging and more recognized artists I am meeting with frequency and above all by the small things of  everyday life. Often my work is not finished but the representation of a certain moment of being that has a past and always an uncertain future. It is an archived sign of being that can be shared  at any time and often  get new meanings in function of the interpreter.  Sometimes I even finish works I made many year ago. I consider an artwork as a kind of frame for the perception with enough compositions of visual ingredients, that provokes experiences in other people and for all in a different way. I live my work as a journey and my way of working as a steering wheel through an uncertain world full of surprises and discoveries.

    • Joey Schmidt-Muller

      6 Picture(s)

      Joey Schmidt-Muller is a Member of Visarte,Basel, Schweiz Künstlergruppe Reflex & White Cube Reloaded. Moving from Later Surrealism and the New Objectivity, he joined the already established Vienna School of the Fantastic Realism and then underwent to a longer phase of experimentation with various painting technique until the first chalk drawings in an old master, multi-layered painting technique. The confrontation with socially critical, traumatic and illusionist thoughts led Joey’s new style, “Traumatic Realism”, as a development of the New Objectivity of 1933. The pain, the torture, the nightmares and fears that scream at us in these tormented creatures dancing and fighting, diving and flying are intended to arouse our senses and lead us from our condition of prisoners to self-liberation. Exhibitions | Esposizioni: 2018 September – Doppelausstellung “Natron im Licht”, Kulturzentrum Lindenbrauerei, Unna, DE Mai – Hommage à Francisco de Goya, Stadtgalerie, Künstlergruppe Reflex, Lünen, DE März – Doppelausstellung “Natron in Ketten”, Kettenschmiede Museum & Kulturschmiede, Fröndenberg, DE Februar – Hommage à Francisco de Goya, Haus der Kamener Stadtgeschichte, Künstlergruppe Reflex, Kamen, DE Januar – BENEFIZAUSSTELLUNG – UNTITLED KUNST, Rheinfelden, CH 2017 Dezember – Einzelausstellung “Soiree in Berlin”, DE Oktober – Teilnahme an der Biennale Florenz 2017, IT September – Teilnahme an der “Dortmunder Museumsnacht”, DE Mit “The Snake” & “Cherry Blossom” endete 2016 die letzte “Red Balloon” Kunstaktion. An der Dortmunder Museumsnacht kommt nun die Fortsetzung: Konsumzwang – Gratwanderung zwischen der Vernunft und der Befriedigung der Gelüste. September – Einzelausstellung,, Dortmund, DE Juni – Doppelausstellung “Natron”, Galerie Kunsttiegel, Unna, DE Mai – Gruppenausstellung Kunstverein Duisburg, DE März – Teilnahme an der Biennale Pratteln, CH Februar – Atelierausstellung, Basel, CH 2016 “GANZFREI5”, Jahresausstellung im Kunstverein Duisburg, DE Ausstellung “ouvert et solidaire”, Visarte Kunstraum M54, Basel, CH Teilnahme an der 9. ART KAMEN 2016, DE Atelierausstellung, Basel, CH “Entree & Hommage” – Gruppenausstellung, Visarte Basel, CH “Das Kunstspektakel” – Einzelausstellung in der Galerie Kunsttiegel, Unna, DE & Cherry Blossom 2016, the 5th Red Balloon Installation by Joey Schmidt-Muller Gruppenausstellung “Biblische Inspirationen” – Kunst in der Stadtkirche Unna, DE Art`Pul Spot – Eupen, Belgien, “The Snake” a Red Balloon Projekt by Joey Schmidt-Muller Gruppenausstellung “SPARDA TAG”, Kunstverein Duisburg, Duisburg, DE 2015 “17. Internationale Messe für zeitgenössische Kunst in Zürich”, Galerie Contemporary Fine Arts, Zürich, CH Installation – “CAT WALK SWITZERLAND”, 17. Internationale Messe für zeitgenössische Kunst, Zürich, CH “Blaue Ölkreide unverblümt & Schwarze Holzschnitte abgedruckt”, Galerie Anschnitt, Dortmund, DE Berliner Liste 2015, Installation CAT WALK SWITZERLAND, Berlin, DE LIVE STREAM – 1. Kunstaktion und Ausstellung der Künstlergruppe White Cube, Rheinfelden-Herten, DE “HEARTBEAT”, ein moderner Totentanz – Video Installation, Rheinfelden-Herten, DE Kunstaktion “VOGEL GRYFF AFFFAIR II – THE BLIND PASSENGER”, “The Journey continues”, Basel, CH Beteiligung an der “RHY ART FAIR BASEL”, Galerie Contemporary Fine Arts, Basel, CH Installation “CAT WALK SWITZERLAND” an der Rhy Art Fair Basel, International Artist Positions, Basel, CH Beteiligung an der “ART`PUL” Pulheim, DE “4 KÜNSTLER”, Gruppenausstellung, Galerie Gunzoburg, Überlingen, DE Beteiligung an der “ARTEXPO – NEW YORK”, USA Winter Tour the “10Artists4US”, New York, USA “ÜBER DEN SEE” – Gruppenaustellung, IBC-Gesamtausstellung im Roten Haus, Meersburg, DE Gruppenausstellung “HAPPY BIRTHDAY 100×100”, Galerie Contemporary Fine Arts, Backnang, DE Beteiligung an der “KUNST MESSE FRANKFURT 15”, Galerie Contemporary Fine Arts, Frankfurt, DE Beteiligung an der “18. ART PALM BEACH”, USA Winter Tour the “10Artists4US”, Palm Beach, USA 2014 Gruppenausstellung “KÖPFE 3”, WerkKunstGalerie, Berlin, DE Beteiligung an der Art Fair – SPECTRUM MIAMI, USA Winter Tour the “10Artists4US”, Miami, USA “TRAUMATISCHE SACHLICHKEIT” – Eine Retroperspektive, Einzelausstellung, Galerie Ars Nova, Lörrach, DE Beteiligung an der “ARTDESIGN FELDKIRCH”, Österreich, Galerie Contemporary Fine Arts, DE Beteiligung an der “BERLINER LISTE 2014”, Galerie Contemporary Fine Arts, DE Kunst-Aktion “RED BALLOON – THE VOGEL GRYFF AFFAIR” während der ART Basel, CH Gruppenausstellung See(h)Straßengalerie Stadt Radolfzell, DE Atelierausstellung, Basel, CH “Kunst im Foyer”, Einzelausstellung, Endress & Hauser, Maulburg, DE Ankauf Sammlung Endress & Hauser “NACHLESE” – Kunstaktion für eine Nacht im Kunstraum Kieswerk, Weil a. Rhein, DE “THE RED BALLOON EXTENSION” – a night to remember, Kunstraum Kieswerk, Weil a. Rhein, DE 2013 “ART-FAIR” im Kunstraum Kieswerk, Weil am Rhein, DE Kunst-Aktion “RED BALLOON” auf der alten Rheinbrücke bei Rheinfelden, DE Gruppenausstellung “OBJECTS”, in der Galerie Haus zum Wolf, Basel, CH 2012 Werkschau Joey Schmidt-Muller – Die Traumatische Sachlichkeit. Einzelausstellung in der Galerie “Haus zum Wolf”, Basel, CH Ankauf Sammlung Ernesto Schmidt, Basel, CH 1987 – 1989 Reisen nach Ägypten, Indien, Burma, China, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesien, Thaiti & Australien Aufenthalt in Sydney, Australien 1974 – 1986 Kursleiter, Zeichnen & Malerei in Basel, CH Gruppenausstellung in der Galerie Katakombe, Basel, CH Einzelausstellung, Galerie am Klosterberg, Basel, CH Gruppenausstellung in der Galerie am Klosterberg, Basel, CH Kunstaktion & Atelier-Ausstellung am Parkweg, Basel, CH Gruppenausstellung Galerie Schreiner, Basel, CH Atelier-Ausstellung am Parkweg, Basel, CH Die Frühwerke der Jahre 1970 – 1986 befinden sich bis auf wenige Ausnahmen in verschiedenen Kunstsammlungen in der Schweiz, Deutschland & Israel. Sammlung E. & E. Brodbeck, Basel. Sammlung Otto Markes, Basel. Carl Laszlo Sammlung, Ungarn. 1974 Aufenthalt in Colombo, Ceylon (Sri Lanka) Atelier-Ausstellung am Herrengrabenweg, Basel, CH 1973 Erste Einzelausstellung, Hofstetter AG, Basel, CH Atelier-Ausstellung am Herrengrabenweg, Basel, CH Einzelausstellung in der Galerie am Klosterberg, Basel, CH Kunstaktion im alten Burgfelder Zollhaus, Basel, CH Gruppenausstellung Galerie Schreiner, Basel, Ch Teilnahme an der 4. ART Basel, Galerie Schreiner, Basel, CH 1971 – 1972 Aufenthalt in Kapstadt, Südafrika. 1965 – 1970 Vorkurs Kunstgewerbeschule Basel. Grafik, Retoucherlehre, Verlag & Druck, Birkhäuser AG, Basel Grafikatelier Muggli, Zürich Die ersten Arbeiten entstehen. Unterricht bei Franz Fedier (1922-2005), deutsch-schweizerischer Maler der abstrakten Malerei und radikaler Avangardist, Leiter der Malklasse an der Kunstgewerbeschule Basel. Unterricht bei Gustav Stettler, Kunstmaler (1913-2005) & Andreas His, Kunstmaler (1928-2011) an der Kunstgewerbeschule Basel. Kontakte zu Künstlern aus der Basler Szene, deren Arbeiten mein Frühwerk beeinflussten. Irène Zurkinden(1909-1987), Kunstmalerin. Joseph Duvanel (1933-1993), Kunstmaler. Fred Spillmann (1915-1986), Modedesigner. Kurt Farner (1932-1977) Kunstmaler & Aktionskünstler.

    • Laura Soprani

      8 Picture(s)

      Laura Soprani (1967) is an eclectic designer, painter, sculptor and photographer known as a special effects specialist for cinema and TV in national broadcasts. Less known, but most significant, is her work as a curator and artistic director for cultural events, exhibitions and installations. She currently teaches at the Fine Arts Academy in Bologna, Italy. As a conceptual artist, Laura experiments with alternative materials reworked in new textures and volumes in an ironic and provocative “dada” key. Next exhibitions: March 19 – 22 GZ-NEWYORK 2018, Times Square / Manhattan, 311 West 43rd Street, NY (USA) March 31 – April 08 “Arte tra le mura”, Opera Ottava, Castello di Marostica, VI (Italy) October 13 – 27 Personal exhibition, 11Art Gallery, Rome (Italy)

    • Medusa

      3 Picture(s)

      Artista eclettica e sperimentale, Medusa nasce partendo fortemente da se stessa spaziando dalla fotografia alle installazioni, fino a giungere alla performance, ai video e alla scrittura. Perennemente alla ricerca di un linguaggio nuovo, inscena visioni bizzarre e mutanti, giocando con ironia e provocazione a tratti anche feroce. Il suo lavoro prende ispirazione dall’immaginario collettivo per mutarne le forme, o per svelarne le contraddizioni percepite, allo scopo di metterne in discussione il senso prestabilito.

    • Fiamma Zagara

      1 Picture(s)

      Pur con forti radici nel patrimonio culturale italiano, la sua forza creativa si traduce in un linguaggio plastico originale, in costante evoluzione. Manipolando e trasformando, con un lavoro alchemico, materiali spesso di riciclo (legno, alluminio, juta, polietilene, tubi, fili, vetri), Fiamma realizza opere a più piani caratterizzate dall’alternanza di pieni e vuoti. I colori primordiali e – più recentemente – l’oro e l’argento, la metamorfosi della materia, le forme archetipiche esprimono la ricerca di un’armonia ed equilibrio che si coniuga all’impegno civile e sociale.

    • Christian Ciampoli

      1 Picture(s)

      Christian lavora attraverso l’utilizzo di differenti linguaggi e tecniche: video, fotografia, pittura organica, suono. Dal 2014 avvia una ricerca sul concetto di sopravvivenza, legata alla memoria dell’alimento e alle sue origini, incentrando i propri lavori su tematiche e concetti legati alla produzione del pane, all’agricoltura e alla trasformazione del cibo.

    • RE.MI. \"HyperPsychic\"

      22 Picture(s)

      RE.nato MI.nutaglio (Neaples, 1926 – Rome, 2011) is the only 11HellHeaven artist who is no longer living. It is a well deserved tribute to a true Traveller in unconscious realms, exploring the darkest ghosts of the mind through a unique pictorial language inspired by art brut and growing unpredictably beyond all categorizations. His existence was entirely devoted to art, in his dual role as sensitive painter and as a collector and connoisseur. Pain, sorrow and religious exaltation grafted over the years on a temper already inclined by nature to psychic hypersensitivity, generating on canvas a crazy jumble of ghosts and recurrent hallucinations. All the vast production of RE.MI. (especially in his last years, when he lived sick and in total isolation, painting with feverish zeal on every surface he could get his hands on) evokes a grandiose choral fresco of dreamlike visions that bring the artist close to the spirit of Hieronymus Bosch (1453-1516), and for which the most fitting definition could be “hyperpsychic painting”.  Bizarre, macabre and dreadful, RE.MI.’s hyperpsychic painting with its ugly deformations and jarring colors discloses all the fears of hallucination, while the deepest intimacy of  dreams reveals an extremely real and universal bitter satire.

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