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Art or science? The evolution of casino culture in the 21st century

A night at the casino forms a backdrop to many of the most popular novels and films. From Dostoyevsky’s The Gambler to Hunter S Thompson’s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas to perhaps the most famous of them all, Ian Fleming’s “Casino Royale“. The latter introduced the world to James Bond, and in the scores of books and films that have ...continua

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A studio visit to Hyunjung Park, Iconic New York Jewelry Designer

by Esther Wambui Creativity applied to luxury; imagination that must take into consideration technical challenges; minute details capable of enhancing the rarest and most precious stones on the planet. The jewelry ...continua

di Isotta Armenise mercoledì, 06 giugno 2018
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Interview to Lutz & Guggisberg about their solo show at Collezione Maramotti

Lutz & Guggisberg – Neve, vetro e rami / Snow, Glass and Branches2018, acrilico e olio su c-print / acrylic and oil on c-print , 60 x 90 cm © Lutz & Guggisberg. Ph. Nadine Kägi Lutz e Guggisberg ...continua

di Julie Bianchi martedì, 10 aprile 2018
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Intimate fashion outtakes by Antonio Lopez

A series of pictures depicting Pat Cleveland, 1975. The late 70s and 1980s brought to the fashion world different changes in using fashion and imagining it, including also people working in the business; it is also ...continua

di Daniele Panebianco lunedì, 09 aprile 2018
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Alternative Readings, when everyday objects come to life. Interview to Micheal Johansson

Michael Johansson, Alternative Readins, The Flat© Daniele Panebianco Micheal Johansson is in Milan for his new personal exhibition Alternative Readings in the art gallery The Flat. We took the opportunity to ask ...continua

di Melita Zajc mercoledì, 28 marzo 2018
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FCAAAL 2018. A Wonderful World of Digital Disruption

No Bed of Roses (Mostofa Sarwar Farooki) This year, the FCAAAL (Festival of Cinema of Africa, Asia, and Latin America) that took place in Milan from March 18 to 26, brought about an interesting change. It introduced ...continua

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Clio Art Fair Spring 2018: New Location, New Life

Sivan Sternbach, Helium Balloon, 2017, ceramic, industrial paint, 13.2” by Anna Kamensky This year Clio Art Fair has a brand new ground floor location on West 35th street. The fair is more visible, open, and larger ...continua

di Julie Bianchi lunedì, 26 marzo 2018
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Girls in London. Tacita Dean & Alba Hodsoll

A picture of the English artist Tacita Dean London. Some works by english artist Tacita Dean will be displayed in three major museums. Born in 1965 and better known for her film works and pictures, Dean has an ...continua

di Melita Zajc lunedì, 19 marzo 2018
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FCAAAL, a opportunity to see the recent Award Winning Films

Fathers and Sons by Talal Derki The Festival of African, Asian and Latin American Cinema (FCAAAL) will take place in Milan for the 28th time this year. From March 18 to 25, more than 60 films will be screened, 3 ...continua

di Julie Bianchi lunedì, 05 marzo 2018
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Surrealist influence in fashion

Dior’s models sporting headpieces and checks from surrealist art It has been viewed through decades that the Surrealist art movement has become an inspiration for the fashion industry. This year it was the turn ...continua