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Intimate fashion outtakes by Antonio Lopez

The late 70s and 1980s brought to the fashion world different changes in using fashion and imagining it, including also people working in the business; it is also regarded as the time when supermodels were born and became real pop icons. Antonio Lopez was one of the greatest fashion illustrators and photographers of that time and depicted the most ...continua

di Julie Bianchi | Pubblicato 1 mese fa
di Daniele Panebianco lunedì, 09 aprile 2018
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Alternative Readings, when everyday objects come to life. Interview to Micheal Johansson

Micheal Johansson is in Milan for his new personal exhibition Alternative Readings in the Art gallery The Flat. We took the opportunity to ask him some questions. ...continua

di Melita Zajc mercoledì, 28 marzo 2018
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FCAAAL 2018. A Wonderful World of Digital Disruption

This year, the FCAAAL (Festival of Cinema of Africa, Asia, and Latin America) that took place in Milan from March 18 to 26, brought about an interesting change. It introduced the discussion about new technologies. ...continua

di Redazione martedì, 27 marzo 2018
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Clio Art Fair Spring 2018: New Location, New Life

by Anna Kamensky This year Clio Art Fair has a brand new ground floor location on West 35th street. The fair is more visible, open, and larger than ever. Clio immediately draws attention from passersby and takes ...continua

di Julie Bianchi lunedì, 26 marzo 2018
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Girls in London. Tacita Dean & Alba Hodsoll

London. Some works by english artist Tacita Dean will be displayed in three major museums. Born in 1965 and better known for her film works and pictures, Dean has an interesting perspective on films, as it shows ...continua

di Melita Zajc lunedì, 19 marzo 2018
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FCAAAL, a opportunity to see the recent Award Winning Films

The Festival of African, Asian and Latin American Cinema (FCAAAL) will take place in Milan for the 28th time this year. From March 18 to 25, more than 60 films will be screened, 3 of them will have the world premiere, ...continua

di Julie Bianchi lunedì, 05 marzo 2018
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Surrealist influence in fashion

It has been viewed through decades that the Surrealist art movement has become an inspiration for the fashion industry. This year it was the turn of the maison of Christian Dior, which opted for a more artsy ...continua

di Julie Bianchi martedì, 30 gennaio 2018
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The poetry of Robert Montgomery

Robert Montgomery is a well-known Scottish artist and poet in Britain, who takes his written words to unusual physical spaces. Last year, Montgomery’s remarkable work in Shoreditch tried to make an impact by ...continua

di Redazione martedì, 05 dicembre 2017
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Follow the movie legends to these famous Italian filming locations

From iconic casino moments to romantic rural encounters, Italy has a global reputation for glamour, sophistication and offering an unmistakable and unique atmosphere. With that in mind, it is no surprise that is ...continua

di Redazione giovedì, 02 novembre 2017
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Clio Art Fair. The place that artists call home

by Ylenia Mino The world of art is populated by so many talented minds but many face the challenge of A lack of platforms to actually showcase their works, meet other artists and have their work reviewed. Recognizing ...continua